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meals and memories

the first time peter and i traveled to nyc we dined at what became a favourite of ours, rue 57

now, i try not to be too political when in such a public forum but so long as the usa has their current administration, i won't be back but my memories will always bring me to this manhattan brasserie.  of all the wonderful items peter could have ordered he chose the meatloaf, yes, the meatloaf.  it was economical and familiar.  he is more adventurous now but still somewhat economical.
we had meatloaf for dinner recently and i loved it.  i love when someone else cooks too but really, i love meatloaf.  and, the memories we bind to our meals are important.  sit down and really think hard about some of your favourite life events.  they almost always circle around food (or drink) and those great times are bound to the meal you ate.  maybe a trip back to nyc is not in the cards right now but we can still enjoy a dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes and instantly we're back in manha…

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